Representing UAB TM Investments in the acquisition of storage and production facilities


We have provided our client with consultations during the acquisition of shares in UAB Trailinga – a company managing a rental complex of administrative, storage, and production buildings in Vilnius. This fell within the ambit of real estate investment transactions because the client was interested in both – current tenants and opportunities for improving the property’s quality, expanding rentable space, and boosting rental income. Our team of lawyers consulted the client during the entire transaction process, conducting due diligence, structuring the client’s corporate and shareholding structure, drafting transaction documents, representing the client at negotiations, and providing legal consultations on matters related to land, construction, rent, and banking. The acquisition was followed by property development and improvement, and securing new tenants. What made the transaction interesting and complex were the exceptionally tight deadlines, intense negotiations, and the scramble to have the new premises ready for tenants to move into without delay.