SigmaRoc PLC, a British company listed on the London Stock Exchange, acquired quarries from ACME Grupe


The NOOR team needed to evaluate 6 companies with 5 quarries in different locations simulataneously, during the transfer of the Lithuanian capital group ACME Grupė into the hands of the British quarrying group SigmaRoc PLC.

SigmaRoc PLC took over one of the largest quarries in the Kaunas region – the Drąseikiai quarry, rich in sand, gravel and crushed rock, which has been in operation for more than 70 years. Also, the Kvykliai quarry in the Utena district, with estimated sand, gravel and crushed rock resources exceeding 10 million cubic metres.

SigmaRoc PLC currently owns 84 quarries across the Europe and employs 2050 people.

NOOR partner Mindaugas Rimkus, associate partner Audrius Slažinskas and senior associate Justė Adomaitytė ensured that this first British transaction in Lithuania would be implemented smoothly and quickly.