The Criminal Intelligence measures against the director of a polyclinic were applied disproportionately     


The allegations of bribery against the former director of Kaunas Šilainiai polyclinic were not proven. The Kaunas District Court acquitted the former director, finding that he did not negotiate or accept the bribe.   

Giedrius Danėlius, the NOOR lawyer who represented the defendant in the case, pointed out that the court in this case did not strictly justify the duration and intensity of the intelligence measures taken. “Criminal intelligence measures were not used here as a tool to find out what crime might have been committed, but as an attempt to “find” it,” the lawyer notes.  

After a thorough assessment of the evidence in the case, the court found the defendant not guilty and acquitted him.  

In another case, the director of Kaunas Šilainiai polyclinic was also acquitted of misuse of authority and fraud, and this decision has already been upheld by the appellate instance.