Another significant investment into Kaunas FEZ – this time UAB Omniva LT


We are grateful and proud that NOOR continues its unrivaled cooperation with the operators of Lithuanian free economic zones whereby we represent and advise them in transactions with new “green field” investors. This time, NOOR had an opportunity to represent and advise Kaunas FEZ Management Company in negotiations with a new major investor – UAB Omniva LT – regarding development of a new parcel and package distribution center in Kaunas FEZ.

UAB Omniva LT is planning to build a 21,000 sq. m. area parcel terminal in Kaunas FEZ, which is foreseen to be the main distribution center for the entire Omniva group. Kaunas FEZ and UAB Omniva LT has agreed on a long-term lease of 9 ha area of land, located in Kaunas FEZ. Investments into development of the brand new Omniva logistics terminal are expected to exceed Eur 40 million.

NOOR Real Estate and Construction Team advised our client Kaunas FEZ Management Company on execution of transaction documents with the new investor, drafted contracts and represented the client in negotiations with UAB Omniva LT.

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