Anykščiai district mayor Kęstutis Tubis not guilty


The Mayor of Anykščiai District, Kęstutis Tubis, has been found not guilty by a seven-judge panel of the Supreme Court of Lithuania. This final ruling overturns the previous decision of the Panevėžys Regional Court, which had disqualified Tubis from working in the civil service for four years.

Kęstutis Tubis was acquitted of all charges of influence peddling by a verdict of the Molėtai Chamber of the Utena District Court on 28 February 2022. Earlier this year, the politician was found guilty by the Panevėžys Regional Court of instructing municipal employees to correct the cadastral data of a plot of land and of soliciting financial support for a public election committee.

However, Giedrius Danelius, the NOOR partner who defended K. Tubis in all court instances, proved the errors of the appeal court and the incorrect application of the law. The court’s decision was overturned, the prosecutor’s cassation appeal was rejected, the politician was fully acquitted, and he was also awarded the costs of the proceedings.

 According to G. Danelius, the panel of judges who heard the case carefully assessed all the material gathered in the case and the facts presented by the prosecutor in the indictment. The court found that they were ordinary, normal and legal.

The Supreme Court of Lithuania has confirmed that one of the independent functions of a municipality is the management, use and disposal of land and other property belonging to it. Accordingly, the mobilisation of funds from electoral participants during a political campaign, i.e. the collection of donations, is a normal and lawful activity,” the lawyer said.