“Caverion Lietuva” built “Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” production facility


Our client UAB „Caverion Lietuva“ recently completed truly exceptional project – in just 4 months they finished the construction of production facility for „Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics“ expansion. „Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics“ is a world‘s leading manufacturer of medical and scientific products. This ambitious and extraordinary project has required unparallel focus, process planning, risk management and efficiency from the entire team engaged in development. The client has built 5,500 sq.m. production facility (building) in the territory of „Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics“. According to Svajūnas Raščiauskas, the sales director of UAB „Caverion Lietuva“, implementation of such projects usually take 18-24 months, but in this case there was no time even close to that. Therefore, different processes – design, construction, commissioning – were carried out simultaneously.

Exceptional project and assignment certainly required exceptional and novel legal solutions. Giedrius Murauskas and Povilas Karlonas advised the client on legal matters, represented the client in negotiations on conclusion of the construction contract and advised on its performance.

We are happy that we’ve taken part in such innovative project and we are proud of our client UAB „Caverion Lietuva“ which surpassed the expectations and successfully completed it.

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