The Saugos investicijų biuras acquired shares of the owner of Eurocash1 and became one of the largest market players.


The company Saugos investicijų biuras, which oversees security, legal, and financial firms, acquired the company CHS Investment Group from the investment company NDX Group. The acquired company CHS Investment Group owned a 49.95% stake in the Eurocash1 branded enterprises providing security and collection services in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

In this transaction, NOOR associate partner Jonas Povilionis and associate Brigita Ruibytė represented the buyerSaugos investicijų biuras.

Following this deal, the Saugos investicijų biuras has become the sole owner of one of the largest companies in the security services market in Lithuania, as the company also manages the Ekskomisarų biurą.


Jonas Povilionis

Jonas Povilionis

Associate partner