NOOR team succeeds in dispute over environmental damages


NOOR attorneys Giedrius Murauskas and Andrius Košel successfully represented a client in a dispute with the Department of Environmental Protection under the Ministry of the Environment regarding compensation for damages caused to nature.

After almost 5 years of pre-trial investigation and litigation, including scientifically sophisticated and complex independent and forensic examinations, the tandem of NOOR attorneys and the client  succeeded to convince the opponents (through the court mediation) that the damage caused by the fire to the ambient air, the bodies of water, the surface of the earth and its deeper layers had nevertheless been incorrectly calculated by the environmental authorities. As a result, the damage was reduced from EUR 5,5 million to EUR 295,635. A settlement agreement on the amount of the damage and the procedure for compensation was approved by the Court.

In this dispute, NOOR’s lawyers succeeded in proving that the client, on whose territory the fire broke out and the rescue work was also carried out in adjacent areas, is not liable for the environmental damage to the extent that it was caused by the public services that organised the rescue.

We are very pleased that the client trusted NOOR and that we were able to achieve the just result in a constructive cooperation with the opposing authorities.