The Red Cross has selected its legal partner


Our law firm and The Lithuanian Red Cross Society (LRC)  have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The humanitarian aid organization will now have a permanent partner providing professional and qualified legal assistance.  

“The last few years have been challenging for the Lithuanian Red Cross, and the country as a whole, as we have overcome several crises and have grown stronger and bigger as an organization. We are now more active than ever with new activities, strengthening our programs, and wanting to help even more people. However, almost all humanitarian organizations face legal obstacles and regulatory challenges in their operations. This can also lead to delays in aid. While we are grateful to NOOR’s legal professionals for their support and legal advice, we welcome the partnership established by this Memorandum of Understanding and the opportunity to now focus more effectively on our organization’s core objectives and mission,” says Kristina Meide, Head of the LRC Society.   

According to Giedrius Murauskas, Managing Partner of NOOR, several legal requirements apply to international and Lithuanian NGOs working in the field of human rights. “These organizations are not only required to be transparent and report to the public but also to actively respond to changes in the world. The unstable situation in our region, government decisions, and new procedures often mean a lot of legal issues that are not always easy to resolve.  Among other things, such organizations are expected to be active in the legislative field. We aim to be a reliable partner of the Red Cross and to contribute to the values of the Society,” says Giedrius Murauskas.   

We will also contribute to the organization’s projects, including various training, education, campaigns, volunteering and other events.  


The Lithuanian Red Cross Society is a state-run humanitarian aid agency, which aims to protect human life and dignity, alleviate human suffering and provide assistance to people in need in Lithuania and abroad. The main areas of the organization’s activities are care for lonely seniors, assistance to people with disabilities and their families, first aid training, humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in Lithuania, and assistance to refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants.